Gwen Brooks
I am a professional photographer based out of Columbus, OH, specializing in lifestyle photography, landscapes and portraits. I love Broadway musicals and I share my passion here.
Wicked Musical Review
There were moments in musical theater history when the ordinary talent as well as whirling beauty of a certain production have written off any possible negative criticisms standing on its way. For instance, in October 2003, Wicked premiered in NY to basically dour reviews. However, since that time over 8.8 million persons have been inspired to see things for themselves, giving rise to a happy Broadway scene that comprised adults, teens, and making history, gotten from a children novel that is over 115 years old, it seats amongst the five top grossing shows ever made.

So 'Wicked': Exploring musical's deep Bay Area roots
I just spoke to the composer-lyricist of Wicked, Stephen Schwartz, who had as part of his credits, "Pipping," "Godspell" as well as "The Prince of Egypt." We spoke of how deeply connected the Bay Area was to the Wicked, which is actually deeper than most local theater lovers are already of aware of.

'Wicked' gives out digital lottery for the tickets all performances
Wicked will be back to the Fox theaters for a long run from October 23 to November 17, with fans gifted with the chance of being part of the digital lottery for shows tickets.

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